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Applying for Google AdSense and Getting Accepted

Are you convinced that Google AdSense will lead the way to your online earning success? You’ll need to have your own AdSense account before you start playing the game, so if you haven’t got one yet, check out the article below to learn what all you should keep in mind when applying for one …

Make your website look as though it was created and designed by professionals. There are some who disagree with this but history keeps showing that appearance matters as part of the process. Having a professional theme for your blog or a template for your site will set a good impression when it gets reviewed. If the design of your site is a complete wreck then even expert quality content will have a hard time saving it. You’re going to have to deliver the total package, which includes professional design and content, to get their attention. Google understands that they are essentially endorsing your site when they partner with you through their AdSense program and are going to be very selective about with whom they will partner. Drive Traffic: If your website is generating consistent traffic from various sources, it just goes on to show that you’re successful to an extent. Before you send in your AdSense application, try to get targeted visitors coming in; use various marketing and promotional method to get the ball rolling. It’s even more important with sites that haven’t been around very long. Sites that are well established with a steady flow of traffic shouldn’t be all that concerned about their approval odds. But don’t dive in with a new site; wait until after you’ve listed it in a few web directories and the search engines are noticing it. Submit targeted articles to article directories, write guest posts for other blogs, build backlinks and take whatever step you can to make your site more popular. Your goal is to take the traffic for your website to new heights so their approval will be a no-brainer for them.

Use services like Blogger, Google Knol, Squidoo, and HubPages for your AdSense application. Even applying through these services it’s wise to wait a month of so before requesting approval. Applying through Blogger will greatly increase your chances to be accepted. Blogger, after all, is owned by Google and they are constantly looking for new ways to help it grow. Don’t apply though until after you’ve posted several weeks worth of quality content on the blog. The sheer number of websites earning good money using Google Adsense is staggering. If you want your site to be a part of the AdSense family then ensure that you take the right steps to get your application approved.