Affiliate Programs

How To Earn With An Affiliate Feed

In order to share different advertisements to consumers at a very fast pace you only need to practice sharing an affiliate feed. An affiliate data feed is actually a group of files that contain information about shopping sites, marketplaces, products and brands found in the web. In context, data feeds are actually considered as text files which contain a number of things about various products. Each product would be recorded under affiliate feeds are inserted in a file and are covered under product name, description, image links, categories, URL and prices. The information in each data feed differs according to the manufacturer and advertiser. While there are different types of affiliate data feeds, the most common one which is used today are simply known as the XML format. XML based data feeds are based on nested data and a structure of information about different products.

Why do companies use affiliate data feeds?

The reason as to why companies use affiliate feeds is because of its potential to help increase traffic for a specific website. Using the data will allow affiliates to share information with their customers thereby increasing conversion rates. Affiliates can actually help when it comes to selling and distributing the products through various networks. By adding an affiliate data feed tracker in sent information, affiliates would be able to actually earn for sending users a specific product page. Affiliates will then earn a commission since they have send a specific page to clients thereby they have decreased the bounce rate and increase the conversion rate of information sent.

In order to earn through affiliate sending, affiliates will need to send information to clients. For instance, an affiliate who owns several websites will share a review of a car and he decides to promote a specific car model, he can simply share the sub-page of that car model and provide a feed in XML format. This way the affiliate would no longer need to run through millions of offers and he can simply use the right link to share with the clients. Each of the links sent by the user will have an affiliate tracking code and when the user opens the link the affiliate will get his credits for sales generated.

How affiliate data feeds work

Affiliate feeds are based on both the product links and advertiser’s data. Each of them is connected with a tracking link. The affiliate data links can be opened through a software program that can open XML data. When the users click on the target link, they will be redirected to the server and will need to open the site. Affiliates will then earn 10% commission from each of the links clicked. Regular data feed is very different to affiliate data feed because affiliate data feed actually turns products into affiliating tracker links. Each of the clicked link will actually yield more commission than that of a regular data feed. In order to count the commission per link, it is important for any affiliate marketer to have the right software. The software program will be counting the number of hits per link.