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How to Write an Effective Sales Email to Close a Deal

You’ve probably heard that it usually takes a person just a couple of seconds to decide if they want to open an email or not. Having read these statistics, sales people out all their effort into a subject line totally neglecting the content itself. Well, today, we’ll try to stop this madness and find out how to write effective sales emails that will not only draw prospect’s attention but also allow you to close the deal.

What is a sales email? There are a lot of different types of sales emails: the ones with a proposal, negotiating particular aspects of the deal, follow-ups… Yet, we are now focusing on the most important kind — first-contact sales emails that get responses. Admit it, making a good first impression is vital, especially when you are representing the whole company and trying to make a deal. That’s why your email has to be short and neat, clear and up to a point. Let us guide you through all the key steps of creating such an email! How to write a sales email If you want to write a good sales email, you should remember to include all the vital components: professional email address, a subject line, an opening line, some body text, a closing, and a signature. Be aware of the style of your writing and make sure it corresponds to your company’s brand and culture. Subject line Always keep your subject line accurate and short. It has been proved that emails with a 3-to-5-word subject line get the best open rate. For that reason, try to make it brief but intriguing.

Besides, it is a good idea to avoid some commonly used words that sound like spam. These include “discount”, “sale”, “the best”, “solution”, “success”, “special”, etc.

Here’s a list of some good examples of catchy subject lines:

  • Ideas about/thoughts on [lead’s goal or problem]
  • Question about [lead’s business]
  • We’ve met at [conference name]

Opening line Your opening line, especially the first sentence, also matters. Imagine: you’ve caught the attention of your lead with a subject line, which made them open your email. But when they open it, it’s a long read for several pages that starts with some generic information. Nonsense!

For this reason, it is best to do primary research and create a more personalized opening line. Have you ever met the lead before? Maybe they have recently published something interesting online, or their company had some kind of an event? Writing professional sales emails isn’t easy just because it may take a lot of time to find out the necessary information and build a connection. Yet, it is definitely worth it!

Here are a few opening lines that may inspire you:

  • I’ve just read your post…
  • I loved your presentation at…
  • It was great seeing you at…
  • How did you like…
  • My friend [mutual connection] recommended me to write you as you’re an expert in…

Body The main part of any sales email is definitely body text. Here you may voice the main purpose of your email, ask questions that are connected with prospect’s pains and may drive them towards closing the deal. Most importantly, avoid being generic and talking a lot about your business. Better focus on the client’s needs and pains because this way they will feel valued and obliged to respond.