Mandura – The Home Business Scam

People are hurting – the economy continues to squeeze, employers (for those who are still employed) are squeezing – and a restless population is looking for a way out.

Many sit at their computers and look for a way to earn a substantial income from home, feeding their desire to spend more time with kids, spouse, dog, or just to get back into balance.

Unfortunately, most who do will fall into a Scam – an apparently legitimate business that’s only interested in taking money, not providing financial freedom.

One of the hottest businesses on the planet right now is Mandura and their proprietary products of Mandura Beverage and Mandura Trim.

The question is – is Mandura one of the home-based business scams?

Let’s take a look:

1.Most scams are short lived. In and out – hit hard and scam as many as possible, then disappear. THIS is the mark of a scam. The protection, make sure your opportunity has been around and is actively paying people . Mandura formed in 2008 and has been successfully growing (and paying) ever since launch!

2.Most scams COST you money upfront. I know of one, for a popular Dish TV service. You pay like $30 for the right to generate leads for the company. When they install something, you earn a commission. Guess how many people actually get paid? Few if any. Online forums, boards, and BBB are filled with complaints about this company. Mandura doesn’t CHARGE to become a member! Each active member must be on an autoship every month, but this is a purchase of a product that is delivered to your door. That leads to:

3.Most scams don’t have a ‘product’! Envelope stuffing, email processing, etc. We’ve all seen the ads for these scammers – and they’re well written and seductive. The mind goes crazy – I can process 100 emails a day and make Six-Figures a year! Step back, think about that. Does that make sense, and if it were true, WHY would they tell you about it? They could hire someone for $8/hr and make a fortune! Mandura is a Relationship Marketing network – and the Product is KING. People and the company only get paid when the PRODUCT is purchased.

So, is Mandura one of the many online scams – definitely not! It is, however, perhaps the most legitimate, substantial opportunity available to almost anyone to make almost an unlimited income – provided they work and apply themselves.